ASEAN Smart City Septo’s Note

28 Jan

ASEAN Smart City

Septo’s Note

ASEAN Smart City

  1. Bandung
  2. Bangkok
  3. Danang
  4. Davao City
  5. Ho Chi Minh City
  6. Jakarta
  7. Kuala Lumpur
  8. Manila
  9. Siem Reap
  10. Singapore
  11. Yangon

Why smart city is so important?

Smart city could give the best service and the best productivities and being implemented the going green concept.

Bandung is the capital city of the West Java province Inodnesia. Now Bandung becomes the city of education and home to over 80 higher education entities. Bandung is having the great universities in Indonesia.

Now Bandung is building the smart city and to develop digital skills. As smart city of Indonesua. Bandung is having the main programs:

  1. Online government services.
  2. Public Wi-Fi access
  3. Fast internet connection to cover Bandung’s area.

Bandung already has 5000 free Wi-Fi hotspots and aim to increase to 40.000 Wi-Fi hotspots. Bandung us seriously to increase the numebr of e-government apps from 320 today to 1000 by 2017.

In the 2015 Bandung city launched a GPS tracking system on 26 monitors of the Bandung command center.


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