Using Social Media By Septo Indarto

24 Jan

Using Social Media


Septo Indarto

Every day you always use the Social Media for the interaction with your friends. There are so many kind of social media platforms now. You are free to choose it. But you should know how to use the social media wisely and carefully. Because social media is having a high risk if you can not use wisely and carefully. Here some good tips from ICA. How to use it better for yourself.

  1. Be careful who your friend-don’t automatically trust friend requests from strangers.
  2. Be careful what you post-remember that almost anything you post can be re-posted.
  3. Avoid ideology. Unless you plan to be achieve in the public domain.
  4. Manage your profile-only include the things you really want others to know.
  5. Consider your security settings thought fully-what controls will you put in place.
  6. Think before posting images-do you want your relatives or employer to see them.
  7. Think before tagging others. Do they want to be tagged online?
  8. Don’t trust every link you see-Some can take you to infected sites.

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