Who is Marrisa Mayer? Septo’s Note of Google Study of Case

16 Jan

Who is Marrisa Mayer?

Septo’s Note of Google Study of Case


  1. Her name becoming the idol as the woman celebrity in the tech world, the media calls herself as the the great idol in rare in the tech world. After graduated from the computer science at Stanford University she worked at UBS in Zurich Swiss and then SRI International in Menlo Park, California and then in 1999 joint into Google. One of the most surprises She was the first woman who worked at Google when this company in early time to grow and managed by Sergey Brein and Larry Page.
  2. During in three years of her time she worked hard to build Google. Her passion for the tech world is so high,. She works for 130 hours in a week, and alomost everynight she spending to work at office. Her work hard get success and she has the position as the vice president for local service, maps, location, in Google she leads many Google’s project.
  3. Year 1999. She became as Head of Google’s User Interfaceand Web Server.
  4. Year 2003. She became as Customer Web Products.
  5. Year 2005. She became as VP of Search Products and User Experience.
  6. Now She is becoming Head of Maps and Location Services.

According to herself:  work hard is the most important part of any business that’s giving a difference between a start up company and  its competitor. She is still young and she has a big vision and a big ambition in the tech world.

Her education background. Mayer was graduated from Standford University and success got B.S  degree title in symbolic system and M.S. degree title in computer science. Both of degrees she has got after she has taken specialized in artificial intelligence.

Joint into Google in 1999, During thirteen years in working at Google she has been leading as engineering, designer, product manager, executive. Her achievement and role in Google projects:

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Image
  3. Google News
  4. Google Maps
  5. Google Books
  6. Google Product Search
  7. Google Toolbar
  8. iGoogle
  9. Gmail

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