How to Use Robots in Your Job Septo Indarto

10 Jan

How to Use Robots in Your Job

Septo Indarto

 The technology trend is coming when the human work with the robot. The robot is our partner. Robots will help us to finish anything of our work daily. The point is the human and the robots are the friend who need each other. In the era of artificial intelligence we will use the robots, give them the orders to work. Giving the robot about our SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) into intelligent system. Robot will help us in providing a service. We will use the robot in our economy service. The robots take handle of jobs. We give the orders and the robots do the orthers. The productivity of economy will grow so big. We need to create many innovations on our jobs. The computation will manage all.

The robot will use in manufacture company, service economy and hospitality service etc. We will use many robots to reduce and to cut the costs. The giant of manufacture countries such as America, South Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. The countries are changing the face of manufacturing. The giant of manufacture countries will up grade their technology capabilities to use the robots and to upgrade the system.

The fabrics need shorter supply chains matched to demand much more quickly. The robots will do that. Cut the cost of supply.

In the new robots. The robots built in from the artificial intelligence system. They will work to be like human. The scientist will up grade and do so many innovations to support the robot technology into more friendly. The robots will do the service for the human. Let the robots do complex tasks. Insert the the system into their system and giving the orders to do and to finish the jobs. The robots in industry need the programming to manage their taks. Especially to do the complex taks.

Now we also have enough understanding between the human interaction and the robot.

Automobile factories, the most using the robots to support the fabric activities but now all industries use the same thing as good as automobile factories.

Welcome to Artificial Intelligence to support economy productivities.

Septo Indarto For English Business Class.


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