6 Jan


Septo Indarto

Marketplace: An open space where a market is or was formerly held in a town.

The arena of competitive or commercial dealings, the world of trade.

Definition  by Merriam Webster:

  1. A: An open square or place in a town where markets or public sales are held.

B: Market (the market place is the interpreter of supply and demand).

  1. The world of trade or economy activity: the everyday world.
  2. A sphere in which intagible values compete for acceptance (the marketplace of idea).


  1. You should always strive for your product to be at the top of the marketplace and then you can set the price.
  2. Knowing where your product stands in the marketplace will tell you need to do to improve on it.
  3. I had to visit the marketplace down the street to buy something that I had needed for over a week now.

Do you want to sell a product? You should sell your product at marketplace. Now people build the online marketplace.

The big marketplace on the online marketplace such as Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada etc. They do the huge transactions in daily.

But to make online marketplace is not easy. It needs process:

  1. You should design what kind of products you want to sell.
  2. What is the target market? Young people or old people, the rich people or middle people etc.
  3. You should explain your marketplace to the people.
  4. Make the marketplace from the niche to the masses. It’s important to reach many customers.
  5. Up date information of your product at your marketplace.
  6. Send e-mail to many people to promote your marketplace.
  7. Make a good cooperation with many sellers.

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