Foreign Distributors Septo for English Business

4 Jan

Foreign Distributors

Septo for English Business

 If you want your product selling and getting the large of customers in the others countries you need foreign distributors. Foreign distributors know their local market. It’s so useful for you to have some information from them about the products you can sell. The point is you can sell a single product or you can sell various products.

The benefit to use the foreign distributords are:

  1. They will handle customs formalities and paperworks.
  2. They will focus on developing the local market. So you are not spending too much to do promoting. They do. You just send the products supply to them.


VARs (Value-Added Resellers)

VARs now uses by tech industry. Example Apple buys many components from the others tech companies such as Samsung, Foxconn etc to create a product.

VARs gives the strong warranty of product quality. In tech products, customers need to have a strong product and to have good components inside of the product.


  1. Many computer users will choose Intel for the office work.
  2. Many computer-gaming users will choose AMD for playing a game.

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