Manager and Artificial Intelligence Septo Indarto

29 Des

Manager and Artificial Intelligence

Septo Indarto

 We are entering a new era when many managers work by taking a new way. They are in around by technology development. The smart technlogy is developed so fast. Scientist discover much on new passion and spirit to do deep research on trend topic in the world today it is called Artificial Intelligence.

Today our work is changing so much, machine works by new way, the manchine can think to do something to support human’s work in daily. It will be changing on industry. Human can manage the machine to work. If in the past only a computer received the specific order by human kind now and the smart machine will analyze itself on the kind of job must be done soon to help human in its productivity.

It’s a real condition now, we are in the changing of technology revolution we work with smart machine to get result of our job. The managers should study more about this new way how to mange people and machine.

The important question for you is Are you ready to adopt a new way in working? As manager you must make a list on the job that is done by human and the job that is done by machine. You should know so much about the program languange of computer to give order what the machine must do in its jobs.

We are in the era of competitive advantage. Sure it’s all about talking of technology. We use technology to support our living when we need much more time learning it. When the machine works in smart way. It’s our responsibility to manage it of course to manage all. Let the smart machine helps us on our daily work. The goal is how to grow our best result.

Welcome into enter a new era when people work together with smart machine.


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