Green Product Septo Indarto

27 Des

Green Product

Septo Indarto

Why you should create a green product? After we have seen a lot of environment problems happening in every where in the world. We can say it’s so serious problem. We must get a solution to solve all problems. Green product is an answer and also the good alternative to choose it. Green product is saved to use it. Choosing to lead a sustainable lifestyle of green product is our responsibility into our living and the future generations.

The green product is having so many product advantages to use. It is designed for eco-friendly goods. We don’t worry to use it for consumption daily.

Every company needs to learn on how is important to create a product as standard of green product.

The definition of green product is green or sustainable often refer to products, services or practices that future generations. The green is associated to less of pollution reducing. Human needs many products to use, but it is difficult to recycle is going to big problem for environment.

The criteria of Green Products:

  1. Energy efficient, durable and often have low maintenance requirements.
  2. Free of ozone depleting chemicals, toxic compounds and don’t produce toxic by products.
  3. Often made of reccycled materials or contetnt from renewable and sustainable sources.
  4. Obtained from local manufacturers or resources.
  5. Biodegradable or easily reused either in part or as a whole. (Source Green Products by Mattew Speer).

Green product needs a green product sertification. A product tabeled earth friendly, eco friendly, biodegradable.

The certification is the rule to manage and to choose a lot of products into the green standart spesification. So consumer knows on the products that they want to buy is being implemented on the green certification.

Energy Star: A labeling program for energy efficient homes, building products, electronics and appliances. Energy Star is joint program of the U.S. Environtmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping protect the environment throught energy efficient products and practices.

Green Seal: Green Seal Certfication ensures that a product meets rigourus, science-base leadership standards. It is a lifecycle assesment based labeling prgram for building products, green operations and maintenance procedures. A green seal can be found on anything from a coffee filter to a hotel.

Forest Stewardship Council: A certification program for wood products that comes from forests that are managed in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economical viable way.  They are a non profit organization, not affiliated with the government, working to promote responsible management of world’s forests since 1993.

Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED): The LEED certfication was created by the U.S. Green Building Coincil in 2000. It is in internationally recognized standard for green building and design. The rating system works off 5 categories and is associated to both business and residential buildings. LEED focuses on whole building sustainability which can be used by diverse professionals and government agencies. You could look for LEED seals when looking to purchase green homes or office buildings, as an example.

USDA Organic Product: When looking to go green at the dinner table many will look certified organic foods. The United States Department of Agriculture has implemented the National Organic Program, which will indicate whther an agricultural and mechanical processes to conserve bio diversity and foster cycling of natural resources. In general this means synthetic fertilizer, irradiation or genetic engineering practices will not be used.


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