How is Developing Your Career by Using Social Media Septo Indarto

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How is Developing Your Career by Using Social Media

Septo Indarto

Social Media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc could help you and your career journey progress in the future. People can see and read your profile and the head hunter to look for the right candidate on their vacancy offering. The head hunter is consistent seeing the people who have the great career and to support their achievement of their job.

Social Media is helping the creative industry development. The jobs such as the people who work in the creative industry, the advertising and the technology field nedd the creative people who work in the out of box capability to support their crazy and savvy ideas.

The creative people share their ideas on Social Media. They love to write their ideas on their status. People can read the creative people’s ideas and it’s so great to discuss theor ideas and to do the great conversation about the ideas will develop to be a real.

The social media is having the big impact when people read your ideas. It’s looking at your marketing to show yourself branding. If you are lucky the head hunter from the big companies see your ideas and to asky you coming to their office and to discuss your ideas and it’s the great thing going you could join into their company.

The point for yourself is Social Media is your digital brand the people know you and want to know more about you. It’s so a great opportunity to you of showing your capabilities. You should deliver your ideas in the simple word and people understand your ideas easily.

The point is Social Media is your media. People read so much information in social media from the people’s status, news, video, pictures etc. How much information people read in Social Media, the answer is too much.


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