Will America View More the Power of Asia??? Septo Indarto

16 Mar

Will America View More the Power of  Asia???

Septo Indarto

Second term of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy will be more-focused to Asia. Americans will see the growing power of Asia and continues to grow. Asia is the most dynamic region in the growth and development of the economic potential. This area is not affected economic crisis and kept going, only to be recorded during the year 2012, the exports of Asian countries to the U.S. and Europe the number down because the two regions are experiencing a severe economic crisis.

America will also see the rise of China’s military in the future, China will continue to modernize its armed forces and continue to increase the number of armed forces personnel. East Asia is the power of China in all fields. China continues to develop military forces to maintain security in China and also maintain the security of East Asia. China has the power to regulate the balance of military and security in East Asia. Meanwhile, America has military bases in Okinawa Japan aim to maintain a balance of military and security forces as well.

Americans in the future also requires access to Asian markets for agricultural products and technologies. Asia Society currently has the best knowledge of the technology in the world, because the Asia has been a center for technology research, development and application of technology in society. America will be a lot of exporting high-tech products such as information technology, military technology, aviation technology to Asia. Asia is the world center market, and has a number of international trade in transaction of  the greatest moment. Agricultural products exported to Asia, because this time the Asians need agricultural products quality is good enough to improve the nutrition and quality of life.

Americans will need Asia in economic and political calculation in the long run. American interests in Asia also aims to boost U.S. economic growth in the future. Economic growth is essential to raise the American manufacturing industry to compete in international markets, increase the workforce in large numbers, continues to create innovative products that can be accepted by the world market, especially Asia.

For the Obama administration, see Asia is seeing a great opportunity that should be done immediately, because it concerns the interests of America, Asia is a large region with high economic growth but on the other hand also has a high potential for conflict. Potential conflicts of each region can occur anytime without contributing any conflict can occur. Because each of the countries in Asia have their own interests to the national interest and it still looks a bit difficult to compromise for mutual respect. Asian countries are now more likely to discuss cooperation in economy and trade, rarely discuss how to end the conflict that can occur anytime, anywhere, because it is related to the background of a long history and the wounds from past historical events are difficult to be forgotten and healed. This is to be a tough job for American foreign policy in Asia.

America has good relations with Thailand, this alliance is an alliance pact oldest United States since 1954, and Thailand has become an American partner in Southeast Asia (Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser-quoted AFP).

America also has the responsibility for security in the region since 1945, where Japan surrendered to the United States and its allies since losing the war, after the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities bombed by the Americans with the aim of destroying Japanese forces and end the second world war that has claimed the number large. Americans have been protecting the security of Japan for many years with the aim that the Japanese military did not rise again. But Japan is given the freedom to establish democracy and economic development in the industrial sector.

But now more Americans see Asia as the center of economic growth and a technology development center for future research. Since this is also related to U.S. investment in the long term to encourage the mobility of the American economy.


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