The Science Strength Comes from an Inspiration Septo Indarto

16 Mar

The Science Strength Comes from an Inspiration

Septo Indarto 

Maybe when you read the title above you will certainly be asked whether the power of science comes from an inspiration? Inspiration gives extensive space to mankind to develop his ideas which we now know as science. Modern science initiated by Greek scientists, such as Plato, Socrates. Development continued in the Roman era, and in the era of the triumph of Islam, passed by Renaissance movement in Italy, until the industrial revolution in Britain, America to continue the strengthening of research a scientific study of the current knowledge of world civilization spread throughout the world through the Internet.

Inspiration can be born anywhere and anytime, inspiration creates an idea, the idea was implemented in an action, then do a research to test and takes time, once it can be disseminated through scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, books, web sites. So a work of science can be read by all people throughout the world.

Science is dynamic, meaning that will continue to evolve in accordance with the progress of time. Today we live in an era known as the digital age, knowledge dissemination is faster in a matter of seconds, because we live in a community that moves a supported by mobile technology.

University research to the study of science is moving forward. Even the research used in the assessment of a quality of excellence of a university. This is a positive development. University for hundreds of years has been the place to examine the scientific study, learn and develop new knowledge, supported by a grant for research activities. Research creates an innovation, if used in a positive way will provide a positive impact to improve the quality of life for mankind.

Scientists worldwide have been instrumental in creating a lot of research progress and continue to investigate the secrets of life in the world, the more we learn the answer many things we do not know at all. Life saving a lot of mystery and must learn to unlock the mysteries of science.

Science teaches mankind to think ahead and see the future as a better time to create a useful productivity to enhance his quality of life. Space and time in the future will run and open wider, the only people who think about a time that he will better understand the meaning of life. This was a breakthrough when we think, conduct research, and learn the things that we’ve never rock known to date. The world we now live and we live is a dynamic place and continue to create a mystery that we must learn to we know, it takes a patience to figure it out, but the human motivation to create a better life for the advancement of science has been able to gradually open secret -the secret of life on planet Earth and in space. Science is always evolving as the more advanced age.

It would be a lot of new discoveries in the future and make ourselves will be more advanced. Humans are never satisfied to learn something; research development is also now supported by a technology-based Internet multimedia. This is a step that is created by human beings and the steps it will never stop because people will never be satisfied.


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