Strong leader is Leader that Has Vision Septo Indarto

11 Mar

Strong leader is Leader that Has Vision

Septo Indarto 

Nowadays we often see on television , hear on the radio and reading magazines and newspapers that many of the company’s organizational restructure and change management manager who has long led the company for many years . Perhaps you are wondering why all this happen so fast ? Why many companies are replacing their manager and look for a new manager from outside the organization of their company ?

The answer corporate organizations looking for a strong leader who has the vision to anticipate changes in business very fast and dynamic . We are where all the speed and moves in a short time , all organizations must adopt companies with rapid changes that occur outside the corporate organization . These are things that we will meet every corporate organization . You can see the company Yahoo and Microsoft continue to hunt down the right people to become leaders in their corporate organization and you see how Google continues to develop talented employees and has great vision on the future development of technology to continue working . It is imperative and can not be delayed any longer . We are moving in the world that are all connected to the internet technology , you can set the course of the company’s organization within the company , using a PC and a Tablet PC and smart phone . Such a thing had never imagined in the past at all , but this time it has become a work culture . You work when all the changes into the motor of corporate organizations , people will continue to look and listen to what you say , what your actions and what you plan in the future . Business media such as Fortune , Forbes , Bloomberg etc will continue to watch your step and declare what action you are to the world , are you ready with all that will happen and people will judge your actions in running a business , whether you be an honest leader or your leaders are not honest ?

What are the steps you are going to change the culture and performance of the company towards a better direction . You will continue to be highlighted by the media , a positive step and negative step you will continue to be viewed , recorded and commented upon . This will determine the performance of the company .

What you are capable of overcoming a difficult time when the competition in a very brutal competition ready to take you in victory and defeat . You ready to be a winner and be a failure . The media will continue to see every moment of your gait . The world today is a place that is not friendly to anyone who is ready to become a leader , the world will continue to test you , where your courage , whether you are a failure or a success ?

We can see Nelson Mandela without knowing the words to give up keep fighting and working to fight for equality between blacks and whites for more than 27 years , he continued to see the future even though he was in prison , she gives great hope for the people of South Africa that the unity of the people of Africa South is the thing that will happen in the future , more and more challenges in prison . Nelson Mandela more productive , more universal way of thinking . Thought must go on even though he had to fight Nelson Mandela from prison . He taught the unity of vision that is supported by the values ​​of humanity .

In a life we often hear that life is like a wheel and keep spinning , spinning gives you the space to grow , spin to be bigger than ever before , turning to give you time to see what steps you ‘ve done as an ingredient to ponder whether your steps are correct or not and how you can quickly create new measures to create greater change .

One thing you should always remember never give up to the challenge , if you give up then you are ready to lose and it will make you become more quality does not mean , you’re a leader when thousands and even millions of people want to see you move your current and future steps coming .


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