Your Power as It’s the Authority Septo Indarto

6 Mar

Your Power as It’s the Authority

Septo Indarto


Talking about power is very interesting, because it is about management and leadership. Power is something that is entrusted to us by a group of people to set up an organization and group of people. Double-edged power that is able to create something positive and the negative. Powers spoke about the future vision of the leader, the power to talk about your ability to communicate, the power of talking about your ability to think and analyze problems, power talk about yourself personally as a leader.

Having power is the responsibility of an unusually large, can the leaders exercise power properly, could become a leader in an exemplary leader. It requires a big commitment from you as a leader. Because if you can not afford to be a good leader in the exercise of the power it will drop you into the destruction that is very difficult to be eliminated in the long term.

Business leaders have great power in managing the company in the short and long term, business leaders can create a power company policies, business leaders can appoint people confidence to be able to run commands. But if you fail you will knock yourself into a hole sadness and for a long time but if you are successful then it will help and elevate yourself to be an extraordinary person and respected by everyone because of your accomplishments that you create for a success.

Therefore, you must do good and run positive steps in running power, because power is not managed with the same positive action to destroy yourself as well as your company’s organization. This is what you should consider. People outside of your neighborhood will always be watching you. That is:

Are you a good leader?

Are you troubled leader?

Are you honest?

Are you a good person?

Do you have good communication skills?

That is all that will be judged by the public against you. You must make sure that you are running a power with a good move for the enterprise, you do the right policy and accepted by everyone. You are qualified people have had in running the organization.

You want to be the leader of the net then you have to run your company’s organization with positive policies that do not harm the employees, shareholders and communities. Your ability to lead is a success of yourself as a leader. Your inability to lead is your failure as a leader.

This phenomenon is very interesting talk about the power in the business world and more interesting than talking about personal wealth. Therefore, you must continue to learn to be a good leader, learning should not stop, because the competencies will continue to be a leader in testing with a variety of problems. If you can afford then you are successful but if you fail means you are the one who will feel the failure in the long term. It will be difficult and may be very hard to forget by yourself as a leader.

If you do not stand to see the power in you then you will do a lot of mistakes and stupid actions, such as making false financial statements, corruption, fraud, tax deviation. It will create yourself become a villain and not a true leader. Community and law enforcement will not stay silent about your negative behavior, they use the power of the media will continue to hunt you down to the courtroom. Social Media is a practical tool as a means of communication to said views, both positive and negative opinions.

In carrying out the organization’s corporate culture of transparency should be upheld because it involves ethics and morals. We want companies that we run have good ethics and morals that will be easier to run a business in the present and in the future. Since this is also about integrity of a company.

Power can elevate one’s ego from the title, position, money, and ability to govern. But we must continue to be vigilant and full of prudence in running because it concerns about the value of an exercise of power, whether it has a positive value that is useful or whether it has a negative value that is failure for yourself and others.


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