With Today’s Powerful Color

28 Feb

With Today’s Powerful Color


  1. Use consistent color and font hierarchies throughout your document.
  2. Leave plenty of white space. Too much text can discourage your reader.
  3. To maximize readability, choose a 12-point serif typeface.
  4. Use small color-design elements such as headlines, subheads, margin notes and spot illustrations to attract the eye.
  5. Isolate key information using bullets to help reader grasp your most important points.
  6. Use colored graphics, charts and diagrams to add visual interest to long, text heavy pages.
  7. When making presentations, use the same background design and colors for every slide.
  8. Keep slides simple and make only one major point per slide.
  9. Use font and vary its size and style for emphasis.
  10. Put a company product or product logo on every slide to build recognition.


Sources: The Digital Office, Newsweek Magazine, November 30, 1998.


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