Importance of Innovating Capabilities Septo Indarto

4 Jul

Importance of Innovating Capabilities

Septo Indarto

Every day you wake up in the morning, then showers and breakfast in the morning and then go to the office, your office everyday chores for 8 hours or more than 8 hours when the office requires extra energy from the staff to work because of work to be done very much. During the 8 hours you work you’re doing things that are routine in accordance with your current position.

Have you ever asked in yourself: Do I feel bored in doing this work because every day I do, although I am already an expert, but sometimes feel bored and in the long run without you knowing it will cause deterioration and decreased work productivity, you will take a holiday to relieve saturated atmosphere, that is good choice. But there is one thing all organizations currently companies require employees who dare to create innovations to improve the quality of their work and give a positive contribution to company organization, so the organization of the company will continue to develop in accordance with the progress of time.

We must look at our environment, whether they have a positive influence ourselves. Are we able to adapt with their environment. Whether the environment will also support us if I do something that my environment is something different. Currently, many companies are implementing organizational change management program, the goal is only one changes, ie changes in the office environment, top management wanted to implement changes in work patterns that do not want to get stuck just on mere routine that every day continues to be done by all staff. They want the staff is not only able to work, but was able to take the initiative and give their ideas for the betterment of the company.

There is one thing that must be remembered and also used as a new standard in the work culture of the 21st century, that companies today want their employees were able to create innovations that come from their ideas. Top Management will support it. Because we live in an era where the idea is an extraordinary power to create progress.

The idea of ​​creating creativity, creativity creates an added value, creating value-added products that are competitive in the market for sale to consumers.

The idea is a great weapon, a great idea although it looks very simple but it can increase the productivity of our work in creating a creativity that must be supported by top management. Often we read that the company is currently looking for employees who have a different way of thinking (Out of the Box). Their employees as it is the JV that have quality and have a way of thinking in the long term for the advancement of the company’s organization. The company relies heavily once to employees who have a high talent capable of creating creativity for the work environment.

We live where competition will create a new culture, because it comes from a competition between companies organization. The simplest example today many companies that provide a tablet PC to its employees to facilitate their employees to work. The company wants efficiency, Tablet PC can help it, the worker who works as a Marketer and Technicians currently equipped with tablet PCs because of their very high labor mobility. Company a gadget that creates a more efficient working culture, giving tablet PCs to employees is one way, they can make a concept, a variety of concepts, and perform such concepts in its implementation.

The ability of the staff to use technology to support work is very important. Technology made with the aim to make work productivity, we currently do not want to see our employees look stuttering technology, training in the field of technology to increase the ability of the staff to master the job is very important, because this is part of the change management program, by Therefore the ability to create innovation is required by enterprise organizations to move forward toward better.

Creativity should not be stopped, because if you stop going to stop the organization of the company, the best ability to be removed because it concerns the external competition. What if an employee has a company that does not have the spirit of innovation in their work? That’s a question that often arises, the answer is the company must have the spirit of innovation leaders, what if not? The company must recruit leaders from outside the company (external environment) to lead, because innovation will create many new opportunities that were never imagined before. Innovation gives free space and very large for the development of creativity. Creativity will create innovation. Because Innovations in DNA technology will be a century large companies and small companies to be able to remain competitive and survive in a very tight competition. Cooperation required a strong Team Work, the unification of the vision and mission in view of the long-term, work programs are supported ole hide new ideas and fresh.

The leaders of the company’s organization must be able to create design-new design of the work to be done. The use of office technology for the development of design work is very important. We should not only focus on administration alone, especially administrative work done for a long time, this is dangerous, because the changes in external environment will rapidly change, the competitors would have created a work culture that is more advanced than us because they also want to continue to exist and win the competition , For companies that do a lot of change management is expected to create a better internal changes, because they have to look at the pattern of increasingly fierce competition. Corporate leaders must show leadership in the midst of changes, moving fast, redesigning strategies, improvement of the quality of work of the staff, choose the latest office technology tailored to the needs of the company.

The ability to see things in a different way is necessary, because we never know what will be done by the competitors. The competitors will want to beat us in every way. It is a natural thing, because we are working on an era of competition, a competition which allows each person to become an innovator in its work, everyone is able to see the wider world and challenging, the technology has opened up a broader space to us. Are we capable? The answer to yourself.


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