Time with Catherine Roche MIT-Sloan Management School By Septo Indarto

29 Jun

Time with Catherine Roche
MIT-Sloan Management School
Septo Indarto

Mrs. Catherine Roche is a partner and managing director in The Boston Consulting Group’s Dusseldorf office, is an author of capturing the Green Advantage. In the recent days she spoke with MIT Sloan Management Review editor in chief Michael S. Hopkins about was has changed since conducted the study and what hasn’t (March 2, 2009).
Catherine Roche did a research on company on Going Green Program she asked what our agenda was before. What’s still valid? What needs to change about Going Green program today many companies now is leaner as fast as possible. Green program is about trying to use our resources more efficiently, stretch them as far as we possibly can avoid and waste.
Catherine says that companies, at least the way they act internally, are still going to be very much this lever for cost savings. Now companies do dialogue with consumers. She thinks Green Program remains an important message that companies need to keep delivering.
Wal Mart is a great example. They have fared well compared to the general retail sector over the last three of four months because their value message is so established and so credible-and its value message on Green Program is also well established and credible. Wal Mart spoke that way even before the economic crisis began. Now, it’s a message that’s finding strong resonance with consumers, she says.
Wal Mart proves about Going Green Program as a message that program doesn’t have to cost more. It is today obligation to each company do this program. Many consumers care on it. They as consumer will be looking at are the company doing Going Green Program. The positive impact is a company image increase popular in the middle company.
The leading players on Green Program are saying: Before the crisis, Green was about health and safety, Green Program was about savings, Green Program was about things that are directly beneficial to you-it’s still that. Let’s not lose sight of that.
Company that will do Green Program is having a good prospect in business and also own internal organization. Green Program in long term will be saving money of company and it starts from today not two or three years from now. The point is we need to save money but we have to secure our future generation on environment. Going Green Program is an urgent program we have to start today.
Catherine says that when we ask people to identify their most regular behaviors, the ones at the top of the list have a clear “save-me-money benefit and we get answers like I’ am going to use energy efficient light bulbs and I am going to turn off the lights in my house when I go out and I am going to bring my own bags to the grocery store and I am going to try to cut down on driving and watch my gas consumption. Consumers realize to do Going Green program.
Public Relation could help company to do communicating with consumers. Public Relation must be doing active to promote their company image. PR officer gives some information to consumer about their Going Green Program activities. It needs PR consultant to study more. At university Going Green Program must be the main important subject to study by all students at any faculty.
When Michael S. Hopkins says that George Kern of WC Schaffhausen the most important thing about green is the internal benefit he gets at his company. And Michael asks what sort of HR advantages emerge from adopting a greener product and service strategy? Catherine answers we’ve seen that motivational benefit cited elsewhere, too. Several companies cite statistics that their many have introduced employee suggestion programs around green to pull in many new ideas for cost savings that the company even wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. Some even go much further-for example letting their employees take short leaves from work for personal green initiatives, and they even provide some funding for that. Such efforts can produce satisfaction levels among employees that are outstanding high.
In direct way, Catherine gives an education to public on to be understood about our nature. We want many people buy going green products then the product will be doing in recycle again to create a new. By this process we can save nature and keep equal balancing. Many industries and retailers must be doing cooperation to create this Going Green Program. They have to do an incentive communication with customers. Many retailers can give some information on the products selling at their store by writing Going Green product.
For example Body Shop is a good company that’s caring on friendly with nature products. Many Body Shop products could be destroying by nature and it will help our nature from pollution. People buy a friendly nature product from Body Shop. It will be reducing a global warming effect.
But Catherine says that standard-setting is a big issue. There many standards around Green out now and for the most part they don’t mean much. They aren’t closely regulated unless there’s a lawsuit and some specific complaints, like there has been in the beauty industry as well as other areas.
Now it’s time for a company to make Going Green Program in their level of management of bottom-up. For operation, procurement and logistic, marketing, and last the real action. Company will be given a positive image by consumers. Today our planet is old and hotter. We have to see in the future giving a beautiful heritage to our next generation. But important thing Going Green Program is necessary that we should it now.
Catherine says that companies need to know where they are doing and how that stacks up against the competition. They need to know where their weakness are. And then, after the senior leadership is engaged and talking about where they want to go on green, companies can put together a credible pathway to get there.


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