Good Corporate Governance By Septo Indarto

14 Jun

Good Corporate Governance
By Septo Indarto

At present the management of a company is based on the process of how a decision was made and the good management of the company management, decision-making for the benefit of shareholders and business processes with full disclosure that will create trust of the shareholders of the company.

Running the Good Corporate Governance should be done from a culture of openness (transparency), it will provide a real information (state company) to the shareholders of the company to create a trust and build a value.
Today almost all companies executives around the world trying to create a trust of a transparency, it is very important for the survival of businesses today and in the future.
Cultural Openness should involve four things, namely:
1. Communication.
2. Adherence to the rule.
3. Knowledge.
4. Transparency.
(Herb Baum).
Communication is listed first, because this is important from a culture of openness (transparency). Investors today are looking for information on all things about the company. Whether the company is doing good and transparent management, such as work culture, compliance to company regulations, honesty in reporting work etc..
Compliance means that a company is subject to regulations made by the company, then connecting with the communication aspects of the compliance and provide access to information for everyone. Information on compliance must be loaded in a web site, because it is very important to the public interest, shareholders, analysts interests.

Information-Knowledge complete with an easy to understand language is an essential component in a managing of the management company as it relates to the effect of competition in your business. Make it accurate to maintain confidence in the company’s shareholders, and is able to provide information about current market conditions and be able to anticipate and operational capabilities and the company’s business in the long run.
Transparency is the key to creating a trust of investors. Cultural openness (transparency) will build trust, establish honest communication, and encourage the creation of an ethical workplace culture practices with good morals.


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