Asking the questions is a strength By Septo Indarto

31 Mar

Asking the questions is a strength
By Septo Indarto

Asking questions is a strength, because by asking us to give an inspiration from an idea that we want to convey. Asked to give space to each individual to think critically, it’s the best thing to do at every opportunity.
The innovator of the world, develop their works are also always ask themselves. For example Albert Einstein before successfully created the theory of relativity also always ask himself, the question continues to look for the answer, until he managed to find the answer. Asking questions is also an observation that you do when you’re doing any work you do today, such as:
-What am I doing this can greatly contribute to the company.
-Are the ideas that I developed would bring great change to environment I live and work.
Asked in addition to a force that you expend through words is also an honest expression of the state of the environment around you. Such as:
-I want to ask, why did six months ago, a team we always managed to reach the target, whereas it’s been two years our team worked very hard to achieve a target.
The question that you point out will be an input to the company, there must be something wrong in the work process or whether the company’s work culture is not developed. Because by asking you to do a refresh to your ability to think, look at the situation around you, and create a capability analysis. All that you can develop to look for new ways that we continue to think and innovate so that we never cease to give birth to new ways to generate labor productivity.
Asking questions is also a culture, where everyone always ask yourself and the environment, what should we improve and what we must do for ourselves and others. We have to ask a question that is productive, a question that can build, not a question which does not contain any benefit at all. Productive question would generate a force for progress together, this is a good step and create a productive environment to our performance.
According to the CEO of Zappos, owner of shoe shop on line, Tony Hsieh, the culture will make the employees asked to be a responsible owner. Questions employee is True Feelings, thoughts, and opinions of the employee.
The important thing is to create a culture of asking for your employees, so they always thought and continue to innovate that will provide a contribution to their productivity and can continue to grow as a force that will provide inputs to the company.
The important thing to do:
1. Ask
2. Analyze the question
3. Finding answers to these questions
4. The answer must be found
5. Implement the answers of questions in which you work.


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