ASEAN in the Spotlight Septo’s Note

31 Mar

ASEAN in the Spotlight
Septo’s Note

1. The Facts of ASEAN
Now more than 65% of the region’s GDP today is from Southeast Asia’s booming cities.
2. 90 million people to move to urban area by 2030.
3. ASEAN is the place for the world investment.
4. ASEAN has the great market for the international industries.
5. Many major cities in ASEAN are growing so fast to support economy people’s mobility.
6. The cities need to demand some $ 7 trillion of investment in infrastructure, housing and commercial space.
7. ASEAN has growth of the internet of things, knowledge work and cloud technology and becoming the main productivities.
8. The capital global flows and urbanization going to big cities to be a new symbol of economy mobility.


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