Mobile Office (Septo Indarto)

19 Feb

Mobile Office (Septo Indarto)

1. Why this is so important?
2. The key is: People’s Mobility
3. Speed is essential
4. Mobile management to be an important key in modern business
5. People work by using
a. PC
b. Laptop
c. PC Tablet
d. Smartphone
6. All of technology devices are connected
7. Important note: Physical offices are becoming increasingly less relevant
8. People do mobile
9. ‘Technology is mobile
10. The computer skill is a must have of people on their job
11. It’s important to do mobility in mobile activities
12. Mobile technology is created for the growth of your business
13. The first technology using was PDA. Remember that. PDA is Personal Data Assistant
14. People used to PDA by late 90s to support their work activities
15. PDA Features: Address Book, Calendar, Type, draw etc.


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