What’s Your Style?

30 Jan

What’s Your Style?
For a clue to your own communicating style, complete this simple quiz. Write the number 4 in box of the word or phrase that the best describes you, 3 in the one next most like you, 2 in in the next most, and 1 in the box of the phrase least descriptive of you.
I am likely to impress others as
□ A. Practical □B. Emotional □C. Astute □D. Intellectually Oriented
When I work on projects, I want them to be:
□A. Result-Oriented, so that the time and energy I put in will be justified
□B. Stimulating, with other people involved
□C. Well-Planned
□D. Designed to contribute something new
My time is important, so I want to make sure that:
□A. What I do today counts.
□B. My actions will be meaningful to my grandchildren
□C. I plan well and follow my plan
□D. I am getting ready for the future
I feel satisfied when I:
□A. get more done that I had planned
□B. Can be helpful to a friend
□C. Can solve problem by thinking it through
□D. Can tie one idea in with another

I enjoy it when others see me as:
□A. A person who gets things done
□B. Warm and creative
□C. Someone who knows where he’s going
□D. Bright, with a vision
When others pressure me, I am:
□A. Likely to react immediately
□B. Apt to get carried away by my feelings
□C. Inclined to be critical of them
□D. Prone to step back into my own world of thought
Now, add the numbers in the A boxes, which refer to the Sensor style. Then add the numbers in the B boxes (Feeler), C boxes (Thinker) and D boxes (Intuitor). The highest score indicate your primary communicating style, with the second-highest score indicating your secondary style.
Published by TRAINING ASSOCIATES PRESS-Dallas, Texas, US.


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