What is the Customer Service? By Septo Indarto

23 Jan

What is the Customer Service?
By Septo Indarto

Customer service is a friendly word to every company today. Because customer service is the part of management service. Customer service is showing of the company profile how to serve its clients. Now customer service becomes the first priority in the management planning. The term of customer service for the first time developed after the world war II was ended. America was economy booming in 1950s. Many companies gave the best service to reach massive market.
But term of customer service was serious to study in 1980s. It was also in America for the first time and has become a worldwide phenomenon. In 1985, Karl Albert and Rom Zemka in Service America, wrote that We live in a service economy where organizations must perform are distinguished by the quality of the service that go with them.
Quality service now holds by many companies, such as Toyota Motor Company, Singapore Airline, and British Airways. The replace customer at the first priority. Customer is a king. British Airways do putting people first (Improved its image service through an internal campaign) aiming to take to satisfy the customer and seeing service as internal as well as external, with everyone working together to serve the customer. Toyota Motor Company tries the best service to Toyota car user. Toyota makes Toyota Motor to cure the broken Toyota car and of course it will be satisfying the customer.
For management study, techniques for managing in a customer service focus on Strategy, Processes, Organization, Motivation, and Incentive and as well as doing or conducting research to find out what the customer actually wants.
But now day customer service uses in government departments, hospitals, and care workers as well as business. Every organization replaces the target and service standard it is purposing for customer expectations have increased. Customer think customer is not just a service in business. But now it is going to be doing in common place. Example: Singapore is the best country in customer service in the world, in modern time many banks uses ATM and internet banking for their service to customer.


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