Charles Schwab-Life Struggle

12 Jan

Charles Schwab-Life Struggle
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

His full name is Robert Charles Schwab, Jr.. Born in Sacramento, California on July 29, 1937. No one knows since childhood actually Charles Schwab is dyslexic (He had difficulty in reading and understanding the language since childhood) but it never gave up. He read a comic book classic A Tale of Two Cities and Ivanhoe to overcome the problem that is difficult to read.
Charles Schwab said I tried hard and had a pretty good communication skills to be able to communicate smoothly so that I can persuade my teachers that I can show them that I was a great kid.
Charles Schwab is very interested in the subject field of economics, he was master field. He graduated with an MBA from Stanford University. Then he became a mutual fund manager. In 1963 along with two partners, they made a bulletin which contains the reference investment with U.S. $ 84 subscription fee per year. This bulletin is to grow and develop. Writing analyzes regarding the investment and quickly reference has more than 3,000 customers. He is very sure to be a talented field of economics and he wanted to do a bigger step.
During the ten years of his career Schwab decided to start his own company, Schwab wanted to go to Wall Street that the goal of the American population has easy to invest in a way he wanted to lower the cost of buying and selling stocks.
Schwab then borrowed money to his uncle named Bill. Bill was a businessman. Schwab received a loan of U.S. $ 100,000. Schwab founded the company First Commander Corporation. Corporate philosophy is to be open and accessible to all people. Then Schwab changed the company name to Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.. Schwab company expanding rapidly. In 1974, the SEC gave time for 13 months to deregulate certain brokerage transactions. Schwab’s Company managed to make discounted brokerage firms while other brokerage firms are increasing commissions. Once the trial period is completed, the SEC formally approved the negotiations, the discounted brokerage industry was born. Schwab developed his business to the San Francisco and Sacramento. In 1979, the company has claimed to have had more than 33,000 customers.


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