Looking at the market in the future By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

10 Jan

Looking at the market in the future
By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

It’s important to see the market in the days to come; the market is a space not just place to sell a product but a space without borders to create an innovation. A savvy marketer will surely learn in which direction the market will evolve and what products will be needed by consumers in the future. At this time many companies that hire the services of a consultant to conduct a survey to consumers about what products are desired, with hope and purpose of these companies know what is needed and desired by consumers so that the company is ready to sell that product. The marketers and business leaders also tried to learn the new opportunities that will be the potential of their business but on the other hand they also get threats from rival manufacturers who in a short time ready to seize the market with products that are superior and more needed by consumers. Today we live in a digital era supported the dissemination of information is so fast that spread throughout the world through the Internet and social interaction through a network of net working, competition becomes a battle of all parties, who wins and who can survive the loser has to disappear and very difficult to survive but the best way is to seek new business opportunities and be able to compete even though it sure must develop new strengths and new strategies as well as a long time.
Market segmentation is now a process in which the market is constantly moving, it is the mark that the market has indeed changed as a whole. European Community and the American society are industrial society has undergone a process of aging in which the older generation more than the younger generations; therefore there have been changes in population demographics. While the Asian community that became the new industrial society has become a new force coupled with a more innovative way of thinking.
Quality has become a standard of quality value for each product, at this time when a tremendous competition as tight as a relentless battle standard of value for the quality of a product is the absolute standard of value is improving the quality of products that can be used in the long run. Many variations of products on the market can cause consumer confusion in choosing a product, in addition to the innovative and unique advertising company should then boldly offer quality grade standards for products sold in the market. Current expectations of the consumers increased toward quality best price and service provided by a company, because consumers want to get satisfaction in the use of a product than just buying. They want to feel an experience. Examples of very satisfied passengers using the airline Singapore Airlines because they feel a pleasant experience because the quality of service is very good, rather than just sit and sleep on the plane that is very boring. Enjoyable experience that will always tell them to close friends, family, or writing about fun things in life. Talking about business not only on the issue of gains and losses but also talked about the value, which means having an excess. Values obtained because we work conscientiously to provide the best results in our work. We must continue to think about what the best of our work. Currently the most important and positive value for the consumer is getting the level of quality they want and need, good service from the company, and convenience in using the product. Many examples of people taking the product from Apple gets the quality they want and they need good service from the company and feel comfortable using Apple products for ease of use and can improve the productivity of their lives. It is a challenge to the marketer and corporate leaders to continue to develop marketing strategies, improving product quality, innovation research, dared to challenge the market with a product sold (such as the Nintendo Wii to come up with a strategy-Blue Ocean), training for workers. That is an absolute requirement when the market is changing.


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