Thank You so much Mr. Edward Kennedy

3 Jan

Thank You so much Mr. Edward Kennedy

In America politics history journey. The Kennedy family is an icon of history or in the other words they are history. Among John F. Kennedy-Bobby Kennedy-Edward Kennedy they have shown their capabilities to do the best work and action for America and the world. The Kennedy family lives for the nation calling to do their job but actually they did many things for America and the world. They have a dream, they have a vision, they have an action but it will give for us as the world citizen.
When President Kennedy sent three astronauts landing on the moon he opened the secret of space scientific subject. President Kennedy wanted to see the better civilization to US on progress of the human civilization in the future. Bobby Kennedy also gave the fresh opinion on politics, history, law and human rights to US. Edward Kennedy was the lion Senator man; he is guiding America to keep on the right track reaching the American dream.
Senator Edward Kennedy spent his living to serve his country America. He chose Senator career as his way life. To be Senator he could see the real of living American people. He fought for politics, justice, human rights and last with President Barack Obama on health care program. He wanted many American having a good access to health care program. He fought for it all the way.
President Kennedy was too charm person, Bobby Kennedy was the innovator man, Edward Kennedy was the lion man who kept his vision for America. The Kennedy family gives us a new vision for politics, economy, technology, social and culture. They have created the biggest history in their time journey.
They served America and the world in three generations. Their spirit to create something new for us never stopping. I am happy as a young generation could see their spirit in Senator Edward Kennedy vision for America and the world.
Thank you so much Mr. Edward Kennedy for your vision to create a better living…And you are the part of the Kennedy family who serves for America and the world.

Best Regards,
Septo Indarto


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