Apple Why is more Popular? By Septo Indarto 20th June 2009

3 Jan

Apple Why is more Popular?
By Septo Indarto
20th June 2009

Today is a trend day for Apple gadget. Apple is the icon of computer innovation by stylish. When you buy an Apple gadget you buying the innovation, the simple thing, and the stylish. Now Apple is launching the new top-of-the line iPhone, 3 GS and it costs $299. Why this product is so special to consumer. The new iPhone has a faster processor, a better camera shooting and capturing, and also video shooting and recording. Apple creates a new iPhone is more powerful to reach the best quality. Apple knows the going of the market trend, Apple is the innovator. Apple never follows trend but Apple creating trend by innovation of product. Apple never stops of creating innovation. The creating of innovation is working-culture for Apple. It’s an obligation for Apple to do research creating the innovation product. Steve Jobs is a genius man; he is the icon of Apple . Apple is Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs is Apple. Apple has sold 1 million units of the iPhone 3GS during the products debut weekend.

Steve Jobs is a man who has a dream, he always dreams. His dream is how to create the future innovation. He always thinks the best way to create Apple is always on the top. Steve Jobs for Apple is an important man. He is the CEO of Apple. He is not just CEO but he is the real marketer for Apple’s strategy marketing. He knows the best time to create the thriller of the product. When Apple launched iPhone people following what Steve Jobs said on this product, to buy the product of iPhone. iPhone is a phenomenal and Steve Jobs is the man behind this brand.
The other thing of Apple the best capabilities are this product is having progressive style, this product’s software is stronger than Windows, Apple is also user-friendly, Apple is rare attacking by virus and also stable from PC crashed.

Now Apple has become the global phenomenal, Apple is an icon of technology-information style. It is you Mr. Steve Jobs you are the CEO of Apple. You are the icon of Apple. But the words are Steve Jobs and Apple are the icon if the global phenomena of technology.


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