Career Septo Indarto

31 Des

Septo Indarto

1. Everyone has a career planning
2. Everyone makes long term planning
3. Everyone has a dream position in their career in their career steps
4. Everyone tries getting the highest position in their career steps

The areas do you work in or you would you like to work in?
1. Production
2. Management
3. Research and development
4. Sales and Marketing
5. Finance
6. Administration and personnel
Where are You???
1. Teacher
2. Lecturer
3. Marketer
4. Nurse
5. Politician
6. Police
Mention another career?
Are you ambitious? Why?
What do you want to be in 5 or 10 years later?

Which one of the following would you prefer to do:
a. Work for one company
b. Work for yourself
c. Work for several different companies


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