Tourism In A Global Competition Septo Indarto

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Tourism In A Global Competition
Septo Indarto (septo Indarto)

Almost all countries in the world today continues to innovate services in the tourism sector, tourism sector can create economic growth of a country, creating many jobs, make a positive contribution to the development of a culture of learning. This is a great opportunity to improve the status of a state in the international community in promoting the cultural wealth and service innovation.
Tourism provides hoping great for local economic development and community participation. Modern tourism is supported by the creative industries to further enrich the quality of life and development of a region. Current tourism promotion not only offers the sheer beauty of the area, but must deliver the highest quality services, the development of infrastructure such as roads, hotels, tourist attractions, easy access to information, foreign language skills, environmental protection, competitive airfares, mental attitude open to interact with other people from outside the area to visit.
The tourism sector is not only regarded as an economic sector but should be viewed as an active part of a country or region in the world to promote it internationally. The tourism sector will have a positive impact on the local community, when local communities are involved to be an actor who is able to introduce the region to the world stage. Local communities should be involved in various promotional events, so it will be easier to reach a wider market.
Necessary synergy between government, the private sector as the organizers of tourism and local communities in developing regions to be the place to visit. It is very important to simplify the process of organizing tourism for the tourists.
Airport services and international-class hotel services should be to facilitate the guests to come and stay with the convenience they want. They come to a destination for day trips and also spend some money. Care must be a top priority to best serve the guests when they visit to enjoy the atmosphere of the environment in which they feel very interesting to visit.
Improving the quality of human resources in the service is also very necessary. Services provided will be the benchmark for the next stage of development services, whether tourists visiting our region as a destination providing the best service or not, they will vote. Therefore, learning about how to provide the best service is to be done to everyone involved in the tourism industry. Service is not merely able to serve but is able to provide an added value to guests who visit.
Building the tourism industry it means to build a best service both internal (to the parties involved) and also to external parties (guests who visit). All matters relating to regarding services and infrastructure should be well prepared, should be made plans (Road Mapping) is clear, do not let all the opportunities that exist within our reach will vanish and disappear because of our inability. The tourism industry is introducing an image, the image will be known by everyone around the world.

Any State or any area has great potential to develop the tourism industry to the level of the highest level. But the most important thing that should happen is more often for promotions and also to build the infrastructure needed by the region that will become a tourist destination.


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