Indonesia and Development in the field of Infrastructure Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

27 Nov

Indonesia and Development in the field of Infrastructure
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

In the era of globalization characterized by increasing economic mobility, such as industry and trade, the development in the field of infrastructure is an absolute and can not be delayed return. Development of infrastructure such as roads, buildings, home to the community, airports, ports, of course, costly, because it is vital for every country, including Indonesia. Infrastructure development is as a service provided by the State to the people as an element of national development, infrastructure funds can be obtained by:
1. The Community Fund is tax-free.
2. Foreign loans with interest as agreed.
3. The sources of other funds.
Development of quality infrastructure will create the prosperity of society. The thing to think about is that we should be able to build an infrastructure that are integrated with each other. Since this is a nation’s ability to carry out the construction.
Often we see the broken roads, buildings neglected, damaged bridges, toll road access to a total standstill. This is a very bad idea and can not continue to happen, because people abroad will assess our ability to manage a country, whether capable or not.
Damaged infrastructure will certainly cause high economic costs that will ultimately burden the state in managing the economy and trade will be directly with our position in the competition at the global stage especially international trade, because the price of our products will be more expensive, so it is not competitive in the end we will lose in the competition. Infrastructure development will support the vital activities of the economy, particularly the distribution of goods to carry out economic activities to all regions. Careful planning in building the infrastructure is something that absolutely must be done. Infrastructure Progress will be assessed by all the countries in the world as an achievement of economic progress of a country.
China today is an example of state of the most active in infrastructure development, the goal is only one China as the world’s strongest economic state. Chinese government to build infrastructure across the country to distribute economic prosperity and progress. Shanghai as the city with the most modern infrastructure in China used as an example to build a modern infrastructure.
In Indonesia, East Java province is one of the province is eager to infrastructure development even able to match the economic growth of Jakarta’s economic growth by 13%. This is a remarkable achievement. Improved infrastructure development not only to sustain the local economy activities alone but also prepare for the competition area to another to be a superior area to be reckoned with, therefore, in addition to providing the budget, the central government and local governments shall establish the quality of human resources, so that all development programs infrastructure can be run in accordance with a predetermined schedule and no funds were leaked as wetlands for corruption.
This time around the world, all countries prepare a budget for the development of infrastructure, in order to compete in the global economic arena, the main thing is to attract global investors to invest effort that will ultimately create jobs for local people, the goal is to improve the quality of economic community life. Awareness of infrastructure development has occurred for hundreds of years ago, for example the built of Silk Road trade route that is capable of connecting the western world and the East, the United States during World War I and World War II and post (after) to build the necessary infrastructure of society, the goal that America remains an important global player in the field of international economics and international politics. Infrastructure development in accordance with the targets and strict controls are also able to contribute to the economy to improve household incomes in economic activity. This is a factor that must be considered by every country in the world.


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