Indonesia-Septo Notes

24 Nov

Indonesia-Septo Notes

Indonesia is the archipelago islands.
Java. Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua are the biggest islands in Indonesia
Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia & Oceania
Population is 251 million (4th most populous country in the world)
Founding of ASEAN
Currency: Indonesia Rupiah (IDR)
Natural Resources: Gold, Coal, Natural Gas, Tin, Timber, Silver
GDP: $878 Billion
Growth Rate: 6%
The Economy Focus:
1. Infrastructure
2. Macro economy
3. Healthy
4. Education
5. Research and Innovation
Central population in Numbers: Java
Indonesia in the global economy becomes the major destination Foreign Direct Investment in the world.
Indonesia ‘s economy growing for 6% every year
Indonesia is a leader and a founder of ASEAN
Indonesia is the member of G-20
Indonesia is leading for palm oil exporter
The growing of the middle class very so fast
Indonesia is the world’s 3rd largest young democracy state
Indonesia is the Muslim majority country
The digital technology grows so fast in young generation
Jakarta is the first ranking of twitter using
Indonesia is having a stable political and economic environment for long time for the business mobility
The middle class population is increasing from 134 million (2010) to be 170 million (2015)
For the business communities Indonesia is having a huge market
Indonesia future economic is good and has a good prospect
Indonesia now develop the green industry to save its environment
Indonesia’s export destination:
1. China
2. Japan
3. America
4. India
5. Singapore


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