The Communicative Leader Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

27 Okt

The Communicative Leader
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

We often hear and read about the communicative leaders in various seminars and motivational and business magazines. Management experts have always said that the communicative leader is a leader needed to lead an organization, he must know the internal and external environment of the organization. Communicative leader who is everyone’s dream.

The communicative Leaders like John F. Kennedy, Sukarno, Barack Obama, Jack Welch always able to convey their ideas are easily understood by everyone and is also able to motivate everyone. Some people say that a communicative leader has inherited that talent from birth, but despite the talent that has been there since birth, the individual concerned must remain trained style of speech and able to explain the ideas that are presented to the audience or their subordinates.
The communicative leader is indispensable in an organization, because it involves the organization in the future, communicative leaders to provide clear direction to his/her followers about the vision and mission of the organization and framework in the short and long term. Communicative leader able to see a challenge into an opportunity, it occurred in the Google company, when employees see a project that was created to be able to be an innovation that can change the working culture of each person. For example, Google Maps is Google’s ambitious project, the first time made a lot of input current to continue to be refined into an application program required by any person, whether for work, looking for a person’s address, deal with natural disasters, etc..

Since the organization’s ability to run an accessible communication is everything, it applies everywhere. A leader must know how to communicate, when to communicate, and what to communicate effectively and efficiently. That good leaders will be a good communicator. He is able to work together with the subordinate targets to be achieved. Due to good results will create great success for himself and his subordinates in running an organization.
In transparent Leadership, leaders must know well the character of his men and his men also need to know to know the character of the leader. Two-way communication is needed. Because the culture of openness will create a sense of shared responsibility. What if a leader does not know the character of his men and his men did not know the character of the leader, then it will create an effective communication and it will continue to disrupt the performance of the organization. Culture of openness not only creates a sense of shared responsibility but it also can create a togetherness, it is very important to improve the quality of work for the team work harder.
Communicative leader should also create targets that will be completed and see the future as an opportunity to advance the organization’s performance, he should be flexible in arranging a management team, able to analyze problems, to accommodate the aspirations of his people. He also must have the courage to measure the performance of the team, is making progress or regress, and know the right time to communicate with subordinates regarding the performance of the team and continues to innovate with the policies of the new buzz-buzz. He must have the dynamic steps to keep moving and ready to face the challenges of the future and continue to strengthen the organization’s work culture.


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