Good Morning England 1st April 2009 By Septo Indarto

7 Sep

Good Morning England
1st April 2009
By Septo Indarto

This week England is becoming a big hot news in the world when G-20 summit meeting to do. After Adam Smith on the Wealth of Nations become inspiration, the next question is could England do this again becoming inspiration of solution to finish this worst crisis soon? G-20 is a group that’s meeting between G-8 as the developed countries and the new emergency economy countries Brazil-India-China-Indonesia to do a dialogue talking about the up date situation on today economy condition. This is an alternative forum to boost much more on good dialogue creating a solution on the problem.
Now. G-20 meets again in England to find out on the best solution of the worst crisis. At this moment G-20 members have a huge strong commitment to finish and to stop this crisis. They meet again in England to find out a real solution. They have to create on a new concept on the new economy concept that’s protecting financial system, manage international trading, exchange information, and make a rule for market. Today’s economy problem is too crucial, and then step we have to watch on situation time to time carefully.
Actually each member of G-20 now is fighting on their economy local problem crisis, but most of them are realizing it’s not enough because they need a big power in a community could work together. G-20 is a representative group could make it. The members of G-20 are divided to be two groups, first G-8 as the developed countries second the new emergency economy power such as India-China-Indonesia-Brazil. This group is an ideal member to create a solution and a contribution to the world. G-20 is having a significant role when Pacific group and Atlantic group meet each other seeing about their own policy.
Now G-20 is focusing on big issues, more economy stimulus, more economy regulation, more credit to pay house and the final solution is a big world recession, but there is important point of this meeting. We want to see about President Barack Obama concept to finish this crisis and could Barack Obama’s leadership in a big global action asking the world to make the same opinion to see this deep crisis.
G-20 meeting, of course the big star is President Barack Obama. The strong reason of this argument is the world waiting for his brilliant actions to finish this crisis. England gives the best signing to start a global action. Because we want this crisis is not longer. If longer the condition is deep unstable. The concrete solution is the best way. England is having many experiences to face many crises on their economy journey. But England could not stand alone. England needs supporting from the other.
Many people wait for the result from England now. It’s direct depending on their future to continue living. England now is a place when the new economy concept creating and to be implemented to all countries in the world. From London we have a new hope for us as the world citizen. Today many people are jobless and a number of jobless are too many. People need a job to get a bright future, to save their future. This big obligation for the leaders of G-20, they could create it or no. We wait for them by biggest hoping in our living. But we can smile we have a good future. Let’s work together now.

Good Morning England
Good morning to you.


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