Tourism Sector and Economic Growth (Septo Indarto-Team Double S)

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Tourism Sector and Economic Growth
(Septo Indarto-Team Double S)

The tourism sector has tremendous potential to drive economic growth of a country and help empower people to get involved and become tourism entrepreneurs. Each State is currently assessing the tourism sector has a major role in boosting economic growth. Some of the tourist attractions around the world have become obligatory visit everyone to go on vacation, they are: Bali-Indonesia, Rome-Italy, London-United Kingdom, Paris-France, New York-USA, Copacabana-Brazil, Russia Moscow, Tokyo-Japan, Beijing-China, Phuket-Thailand. These places are visited a lot of people because of:
1. The place has its charm.
2. The scenery is beautiful.
3. Provide an interesting experience.
4. International scale infrastructure facilities.
5. Offering a variety of cultural attractions.

The development of information technology, such as the existence of the Google map and Google Earth provide convenience to every person to find attractions that must be visited. Internet technology offers ease of information that provide interesting information about the tourist areas, so that we can learn in advance about the sights, the population, who have to put up money accommodation, the inn, restaurant, café, church, gift shop, rental shop car. The information provided must be complete so that the area will be visited by tourists.
In Indonesia, the successful delivery of the Java Jazz music festival, as one of the largest jazz festival in the world to travel event calendar. The audience of about 100,000 people that come from within the country and abroad. Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia is the largest in Asia. It is the biggest music festival featuring jazz artists in the world in Jakarta, Jazz music lovers are very pleased to watch the biggest Jazz festival in Asia.
Tourism can also develop the creative industries. Tourism, which is supported by the creative industries will create a tremendous new opportunities. South Korea made the program K-Pop Tourism. K-Pop Tourism was created because many Korean films that succeed in the world. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) form a travel team Hallyu (Korean Wave Culture) dated January 1, 2012. Director of Tourism Hallyu, Sang-Weong said: KTO is working on a guidebook Hallyu. Contains the information about the various restaurants that run the artist and his family, modern dance gym, salon subscription to the stars, filming locations, list of cosmetics worn by Korean artists. Parties KTO also has asked the managers of artist management for open office on certain days to be visited by tourists. The K-Pop fans came from Asian countries, Europe, America. South Korea is an example of a successful country that manages to combine tourism and creative industries.


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