Assessing The Employee Performance Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

25 Agu

Assessing The Employee Performance
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

One indicator of the progress of a company is to have employees working with good results, this is a dream for every company, the company did not hesitate to organize trainings aim to boost the performance of its employees to achieve targets set by the company. The more the better performance of the company, meaning that employees are getting good quality. Therefore the assessment is so very important to know the quality of each employee.
Therefore, the task of HRD is to improve the quality of the employees, it takes a strong leadership from the top management to focus more on improving employee performance. Assessment of each department is absolutely especially from superiors whether the given tasks capable done in accordance with the desired results, the employer must honestly assess the employees to be able to work or unable to work, do not have a sense of fear of the boss to cover up the bad performance of the employee or not in accordance with the desired expectations.
Satisfactory performance will have a major impact to the career to the person of employee concerned, receive a salary and bonuses from the company. All companies must be prepared to evaluate their employees and it should be done routinely, employees should not only be job-related training routines, but also should be given training on Leadership, aim to create a sense of leadership in the employee to be able to become the leader of his own, so when faced with obstacles, individual employees are able to create their own solutions on how the issue should be resolved.
Already many tools that are used to improve the performance of the company, but that should be considered is the output (results) are received, these should be the main focus. Currently a lot of new knowledge emerging from the creative thoughts that cause changes in the world of work, whether your company is ready to accept new ideas.
Training Change Management is a solution that must be followed by all parties from the top management to the employees, but provided with customized content with the position. Because of the high position the work and performance will be more severe and complex. The purpose of the Change Management training is how to provide an overview of the changes that will occur in an organization, the organization will be forced to move toward the future, organizations must work dynamically, meaning will always adjust to the changes that occur at this time and in the future.
Training Change Management provides an overview and direction, so like a compass, it will help improve the performance of employees and top management without which the organization would run very slow and too stagnant. Each organization will work the race with time, the time will be shooting went very quickly, whether individual employees are able to follow, various tools on how to measure the performance of the company in this case the employees were there, but there must be that we remember without change management all performance measurement would be ineffective and a waste of time, effort, and budget of the company.


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