Working with The Happy Heart Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

24 Agu

Working with The Happy Heart
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

What do you feel when you are working with a merry heart, you are incredibly happy yourself. This course will create good results because it increases the quality of your work and that is a positive thing to continue to keep you productive every time and will not be a big problem when the load of work to do since the company entrust a job to you, it is because companies know that you have a decent quality and has a great contribution to the company.
The happiness you feel is a condition that is felt in the heart happy and is a combination of factors your relationship with God (theological) and psychological relations person (Private). Happiness must be created, because the people who are happy will always be satisfied with what he has done and continues to improve the quality of self achieve a maximum result.

People are always happy to reach the desired quality of life, have a good way of communicating with others, relationship with the wife, have a sense of compassion for the family, receives input from the opinions of others to progress themselves, both physically and mentally he’s healthy , as well as having a good achievement in the work.

Happiness personal life, happiness at work, happiness at home is an exceptional combination to achieve the best performance of your life. Happiness is something that is inside of you, happiness can not be bought with money because happiness comes from within yourself.
Saatchi & Saatchi (American consulting company) to discuss the happiness there are three interconnected factors:
1. SUBJECTIVE Positive Experiences (Characteristically individual, such as happiness, feelings of pleasure, a feeling of comfort, a feeling of satisfaction).
2. Positive Individual Traits (ie strength of character, determination, talent, focus and values).
3. Positive Institutions (family, school, education, business, jobs, community, social and religious).
In discussing these three things Saatchi & Saatchi called Personal Sustainability Project (PSP), the aim is the third factor interconnected creating employees happier, healthier, and have a resistance to a lot of stress in the workplace.
PSP consists of three stages:
1. Self Efficacy, ie individuals who have the determination and strive to achieve what the ideals and desires without having to push by the others. The key is a strong determination, he will continue to pursue a goal or goals to be successful and continue to improve quality.
2. Self Management, which set itself to achieve life goals or ideals he has set, learning is the key, just as training and workshops, individuals feel this will increase knowledge and skills in reaching its goals.
3. Social Support, individuals who have a very strong belief in him, this is usually supported by a social environment that is always moral support to individual members to continue to move forward and continue to improve quality.
PSP will create an increase in interconnect three positive factors into a strength and happiness, the goal that everyone can work more productively, transform pessimism into an upbeat attitude that they have the motivation to move forward in work. The point is how we now treat an individual to get the attention of the environment he’s working, respected, given a motivation so as to create a strength and happiness, and in the long run will make a major contribution to the company.


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