What Are Your Options When Technology is Growing in Innovation By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

24 Agu

What Are Your Options When Technology is Growing in Innovation
By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

As companies created the technology innovation for new products ready for the market, consumers often feel confused about what products should we choose, because there are too many products also enables us to be thorough to buy a product, do we need the technology embodied in the product or we do not need it. Therefore, knowledge of technology products must be owned by the consumer when they want to buy technology products. All technology manufacturers will say that our products are the best on the market, because it has advantages that are not owned by competitors. The statement is a natural thing, because it is a marketing promotion strategy to strengthen the branding image of their products so that they are known to the public as consumers.
Product technology will continue to evolve to meet the needs of consumers, now we are dealing with a smart customer (customers are smart), the needs of consumers that is covered by any manufacturer in creating their products, the manufacturers usually can do research and market surveys. Examples in the past when people want to read your e-mail to open the computer or laptop, then there is a dream if you can read your e-mail via smartphones, these opportunities are derived from market research used an innovative technology for technology products and marketing strategies to reach consumers, especially from the business community, but in this stage of its development almost all smartphones can access e-mail, let alone the Android operating system has been installed in every PC tablet Gmail, it is much easier and will expand in the competitive technology market Google e-mail.
Nokia currently sells smartphones Lumia 610, a price UDS 250 with Windows operating system 7.5, this is a smartphone with an affordable price, but the goal to expand the smartphone market in the world of Windows, Windows is quite strong in the computer world, but in the world of smartphones have to deal with Apple and Google, which had already been strong since their technological innovation. Windows has actually been a long time into the world of smartphones with Windows Mobile but never successful, even always lose with Nokia Symbian and Blackberry. But the world of smartphone technology has changed, the rulers are Apple and Google now.
Samsung is the most successful branding for the category of smartphones and tablet PCs as a vendor of hardware products with Android operating system, known by the public as the Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy is a unified branding of Samsung to focus all technology market segments with different needs. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note that focuses on the business full of busyness, but need a smartphone that provides complete technology with ease of use. Everyone can work well anywhere using a smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note, while on a trip, such as an office or check the report to see the video presentation with HD quality.
Android operating system created by Google, focused on communicating and working, Android development started to follow the changing times, and each year will always come out with a new series of higher tech specs. Currently we are using Android Ice Cream, but a year or two there is a product aka the new version is more sophisticated, especially in the multimedia technology needs that will complement the way we work in creating a masterpiece.
Currently when mobility gets higher, the users Smartphone, Tablet PC, Lap Top quality content needed to support their productivity. They also need a good quality, durable product bleak, does not heat up quickly, not easily broken when the work was taken. Consumers buy products to support their productivity as a long term investment, because they need the technology for their own needs. It is also to be considered by manufacturers, they are required to improve the quality of the product at any time.

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