Notes about IBM Septo Indarto

23 Agu

Notes about IBM
Septo Indarto

IBM should soon complete its projects, such as Big Blue and Business on Demand. Competition continues development technology rapidly. The power of research to encourage innovation is the key. Currently, IBM is not the only company that seized control of the computer market, but IBM provides inspiration to many of its competitors because IBM was the first company in the computer industry. IBM is not only producing hardware (Hardware), but also must focus on software development (Software).
In the era Gerstner, IBM has opened up a step. IBM has entered a new era, the era of services that help companies to improve their performance. Currently the service industry is one big market. Many companies who need them. IBM has done it.IBM has prepared many expert consultants to serve as a solution for partners IBM maker .Currently, the corporate culture changed, the performance of IBM’s much improved, ranging from sales rep, consultant services, the experts who worked on the research and development have been ready to make IBM as a viable branding respected by the market, competitors and society at large.
IBM is also using Linux as a server operating system. This will save the cost of e-business on demand includes servers running the Linux operating system to cut costs. IBM uses software that combines the power of multiple computers that are connected in a network so that it becomes a connected computer in the network to become a computer that has the force of a virtual supercomputer. IBM is directly focused on the field of computers and software are combined into a business strategy. IBM is ready to compete and continue to conduct research to develop new technologies. IBM’s strategy are: strategy, operations, technology to focus the business competition in the future. Business is not only how to create profit but business is how to offer new technologies to consumers to increase productivity.
It is a matter of time, whether IBM can do it quickly, IBM should soon build a strong network, the engineers at IBM should be interconnected with the consultants and customers. Because IBM has to know exactly what the market wants. Market is the perfect place to find out about the success of IBM products, if successfully eat the consumer will be satisfied. It is all about service and value of computer technology, IBM will be able to do so.


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