Leader in Business The market is the Room For Innovation Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

27 Jun

Leader in Business
The market is the Room For Innovation
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

The market is a space, but the market is a space full of surprises. Met by the market activity:
1. Goods
2. Service
3. Money
4. Merchant
5. Business experts
Because the market is a large and dynamic space, the market always goes its own mechanism. We can make to successful market but the market can make us fail. Economist Paul Ormerod analyze the market could cause business failure equal to the rate of extinction of species. Due to the tremendous competition tight. Internet is the era where making room for the market to competition and innovation, many successful companies, and many companies will go bankrupt, life is to survive, to win the competition in the market continuously learn and innovate. When a company is satisfied with all kinds of work, the living death of a company is only a matter of time.
According to Paul Ormerod resemble mass extinction could occur as death species. Since we live in the digital age where the internet is a space where millions of players compete in the internet world. According to Ormerod network of relationships-some competing, some collaboration, success and just as flow failure a raging waterfall, which lost last winner will disappear.
The task of the CEO will be heavier, their work will be more under pressure. The CEO should be more careful and more thorough in seeing which way the market goes. How a Marketer, whether they are also under pressure? Marketers are usually the first-line field who knows which way the market will go. A Marketer has great instincts when they start to see something change to which direction the market moves. Detailed information is the key.
Companies must have a tremendous innovation, when the market moves without ever predictable. Apple Computer is a good example of how they made use of the market to create a new market trend. Apple does not follow the trend of the market, but Apple created a market. Apple is too smart, while its competitors struggle to continue to live. Even to destroy each other for profit.
So there really is not a perfect market there is a dynamic market. Perfect market that produces balance and order very difficult. But the market can be legally controlled through laws made by the government. Laws of the market is to continue to innovate relentlessly to keep the lead.
The strategy should be prepared to face the dynamic market changes is to make long-term plans as a management strategy because it is a very vital. Companies must have a commitment to make a long-term strategy and human resources are important factors that should be prepared.
But this time it’s good traders, business experts and companies continue to bring forth creative ideas and revolutionary. Talk about Marketing is talking about the idea of how to sell the product. Creative marketing ideas emerged, as it is the demands of the market. Markets also require the winner to control it, but if the winner is not consistent bear a brilliant ideas to eat the winner will be defeated. Management Science Marketing continues to be prosecuted how to create creative ideas about marketing.
Speaking of Marketing is also talking about the competition. When talking about the competition we have to position ourselves that we live in a digital world, digital world is not talking about conventional marketing. The digital world speaks of Marketing Multimedia. The Marketer must also be able to use multimedia devices.
When the Internet began to flourish in the era of the 1990s and reached its peak in the 2000s, many companies that went bankrupt because they did not know which way the market will move. Required power and large egos to rise said Mike Salmi (CEO Atomfilms.com). To continue to thrive and survive in the market, a company must continue to obtain capital injections and rejuvenation technology.
Atomfilms.com managed to get a capital injection of $ 5 million when the company began to develop rapidly. Atomfilms study of chaos in the world of internet business in the 2000s. In 2001, most of the entertainment website broke. The companies went bankrupt because the internet connection is still slow and the outlook for advertising revenue is still minimal.
Market players in the world of internet to correct any of the mistakes that were made. When Internet access (broadband) then the excitement began to grow business in the internet world got up again.
Today, when the Internet has become a medium of entertainment, Atomfilms.com got millions of dollars of advertising revenue on-line, internet market also welcomed positively. Atomfilms now competing closely with MTV, Comedy Control, Yahoo. Not to mention netflix as new players and has managed to create its own market segment with a special film fans. This is a challenge in the competition in the market.
Innovation is a weapon when going more and more companies will jump into the entertainment business in the digital world, they are committed to each other would be the best, the companies have to be ready to compete with each other.


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