Digital Communities and Digital Business Era By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

20 Jan

Digital Communities and Digital Business Era
By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Currently the Internet is a necessity. The need to search for information and communicate. Web 2.0 innovations create a more interactive Internet technology. Internet experienced a very rapid revolution and led to patterns of human life change very quickly. A wider space for human civilization. All sources of information can be read on the internet to other users and analyzed the truth. Internet is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind that causes human life patterns change rapidly.

Today we live in a new era, the digital era, where everyone is connected to each other through the Internet. Internet network provides us with a connection to all the technology that is around us. Currently an Android-smartphone from Google, Apple – iOS for iPhone, Symbian and Windows 8-Nokia has been able to run the wide range of applications that connect to the Internet and is also able to turn on a television with a software program that has been designed and connect with other devices via an internet connection, check the contents of the refrigerator, see the amount of money in the bank through e-banking facilities. We live in an interconnected place:
1. Ourselves with friends, family members, friends at work.
2. Ourselves with the technology around us.
Social networking sites such as facebook, Youtube, twitter accelerate toward the creation of a new society that is a digital society in which all people around the world can connect with each other from every country on the planet earth.
Likewise with business activities. Currently, the business activity has been successfully creating many new ways in the world of marketing. Science of marketing becomes more extensive and dynamic as it follows the changes in the business life in the community. Currently, many companies in conducting market research through surveys on line where it is much easier and consumers participated in the survey asked much more. Try now you think back to the 1960’s, when a company would conduct market research how many employees will be sent to the field to meet potential customers. Of course, this takes time and money. Currently, companies around the world conduct their activities through the Internet: Start of the promotion, seminars, training, recruiting, meeting all the network connected to the Internet.
The Internet has become a vital necessity for all companies. Even today large companies around the world continue to make up grade information technology, strengthen data security, increased capacity of the network so that in the long term it will facilitate business activities in the future. We live in a digital age in which we conduct business activities with digital technology.
Business activity will continue to develop in accordance with the progress of time. The time it would take us to innovate and now the internet is the most effective and the most appropriate and frequently used by everyone. Digital society and era is the era of digital business which will help us, and a question for you, are you ready for success?


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