Communication Has A Strength Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

18 Jan

Communication Has A Strength
Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

Do you agree with a question that I pose to you : That the company is solid and has a good business growth and bright prospects for the future is a company that has created a culture of good communication within the company’s internal environment ? If your answer to say yes in agreement , that companies are able to improve their performance are companies that can create transparency ( Cultural Openness ) .
Good communication skills not only require a good skill and the selection of the right words to say but the more important thing is to show your leadership style in leading a company .
External communication skills ( outside environment ) and internal communication skills ( in the environment ) within an organizational culture of the company is important . It involves an assessment and long-term business . When you have to do your external communication will be dealing with the media , NGOs , government bureaucrats . You should be able to explain the current situation of your company . Good internal communication skills necessary to build a workplace culture and building a culture of communication between the staff and the top management . Companies must be able to create a culture of good internal communication to motivate employee productivity .
Internet technology revolution has changed the way how to do external communications and internal communications . Investors require an honest report on your current business and future prospects . It is a responsibility in business . To make a profit in the long run not only corporate strategy are having a major influence but also an ethics and honesty as a door to get a success . The Internet makes transparency of the activities of a company becoming a new standard in global communications . Investors want to study all the company’s activities and achievements of the company and would like to know the track record of the company’s business in the past . The goal is only one to see the long-term interests .
The important thing to always remember is that the internet has changed the distribution of information and how to do a good communication as well as a way for companies to do business . Those investors pay attention to all the activities that you do , what kind of success you have achieved and the failure of what you have done and how to fix it . Because it involves a culture of greater openness , the ability Leadership and Management the right to manage all the problems that arise .
When you become a manager to lead a company . There is one thing you should know is : Every new technology is born then your company in a short time must be to adjust , because the current culture of work in a short time will quickly change . This will affect the way you do business today and in the future . It is a challenge and also a great opportunity if you are able to adjust the company’s work force in accordance with the changing times .
All this time has changed and that change your style of thinking, learning , communicating . Advances in technology will continue but the most important is your ability to be able to continue to follow the direction where the work culture will change . Give yourself the motivation to make a change for themselves and after that for your environment in which you work .


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