Asia’s Economy Will Keep Going In the Great Progress Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

17 Jan

Asia’s Economy Will Keep Going In the Great Progress
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

The financial crisis that hit Asia in 1997 provides important lessons that transparent financial management is an absolute necessary. Former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra has said as with a growing pain (growth problems). But Asian leaders realized their mistake, financial transparency and boosted by a clean political culture is the key to economic recovery.
The economic team is solid and consistent in creating a policy, it is an action that will be expected by the market, and Asia has returned to the correct formation of political and economic reforms, economic growth above 5% must be maintained to continue to create jobs and prosperity society. Economic revival is no longer a dream but it is a reality, it is more important is how to distribute the wealth to the people, to strengthen economic growth.
Asia continues to work hard, the former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said that the growth of Thailand’s economy continues to grow as we continue to work hard, every day there are about 1000 new cars were speeding on the roads, it is said when he received participants of the Asian-European Editors Forum in Bangkok May 21, 2004.
Industrial Finance Asia has gained global investor confidence, the stock price index continued to rise, but factors such as regional conflicts Nuclear North Korea, Japan-China relationship continues to heat up, the southern Philippines to issue regional issues cannot be ignored, the Asia-saving political conflict large-scale regional conflict that has tension can become a reality. It should be noted, if the region was shaken, the world economy would be destroyed, the economic recovery in Europe and in America only a dream that cannot come true.
In Asia there is a solution to solve all kinds of problems, namely with a cultural approach. Cultural approach has been made since hundreds of years ago in the field of trade and diplomatic missions, cultural approach also creates acculturation many mixed cultures in many areas of Asia in the past, and this model is still very powerful for use in solving all the problems in the region.
China is now no doubt, has been the leader of Asia, China many play important roles in international diplomacy Asia for the Asia to build a higher level, China’s economy continued to grow despite the rather slow slightly optimistic attitude has raised a very large and spread to other Asian countries. China influence to East Asia, South Asia, and Middle East and ASEAN countries.
Beijing has been the driving force and creator of the initiative on a global level and representing Asia, so the region is the highly respected. China also continues to spur economic growth in lagging regions in China, the goal of economic justice, if in the past only a few cities, such as Shanghai, now other cities are also given the same opportunity to develop its economy.
Indonesia should focus on infrastructure development and the provision of capital to SMEs, after China and India, Indonesia is a country that has great potential in the economy, supported by higher domestic consumption by the middle class, this is a great opportunity to continue to spur growth economy. Infrastructure in Indonesia has many refurbished to support economic activity on a global scale.
Currently, economic growth in Asia is 5-9%, compared with 3.3% U.S. and EU only 2.1%. Asia continues to record high economic growth, the region is now more dependent with the region itself, meaning that the current Asian countries to each other and interdependent much stronger than ever before.
The important thing is that the current distribution of wealth must be made by the countries of Asia, without it would cause social unrest that will create a political crisis. Equitable development is the best solution region, the number of middle class people should be multiplied, because this class is the motor of the economy. The middle class will be more play a very important role in various fields in the future. They will be the driving force of economic democracy and also creative entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurial creative economy will be the driving force of the economy Asian countries, economic development model based on creative ideas will create new jobs in various fields, cities such as Seoul, Bangalore, London, Shanghai is a city that will give an example and motivation-influence to other cities in Asia to develop the entrepreneurial creative economy that involves a lot of citizens to create works economically valuable and accepted by the market.


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