CES 2014 and Employee Productivity Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

11 Jan

CES 2014 and Employee Productivity
Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

CES 2014 is in Las Vegas showing off a lot of products with new technology . The development of digital technology continues to evolve , technology companies are predominantly from America and Asia continue to offer new innovations that are offered to the market , that technology never stops at all, technology will always be evolving all the time , an increasingly competitive technological world to give birth competition is very tight . The companies that are able to read the market , has a research and development department , innovative marketing will be able to attract consumers to buy new products .
One thing we read and we should note , rapid technological developments will make ourselves as an employee must continuously learn to improve labor productivity , technology is crucial to our success in completing our work . Technologically will bring new changes in the workings of the organization ‘s work culture . Employees must be given the motivation to continue to want to learn about new things because it concerns the career and achievements of their current work and future .
Examples of in the past time, work enough when people were used to the personal computers , tablet PCs but this time help us to work . A doctor , lawyer , designer , engineer many are using tablet PCs in the work , in addition to easy to carry anywhere and is also very practical . Tablet PC will provide convenience to a doctor in examining a patient to open the data base of the time and duration of medical treatment , it will help the doctors to give the right medicine to cure the patient because a doctor will read the complete and very detailed regarding patient records . A lawyer is able to see the development of the recent cases and read the latest case studies using a tablet PC . Designers and engineers can draw their images and store them in the tablet PC and can revise their works to enhance their works .
TV 4K is TV technology developments will bring new revolution in visual technology . TV 4K technology will bring a new experience in the world to watch TV and other entertainment . TV 4K will assist physicians in surgery and is able to see more clearly . TV 4 K will become the new standard in the world for a good visual for work purposes and also enjoy the time.TV 4K will offer a new experience in playing video games the new generation of X- Box One and Sony Playstation 4 , 3 -dimensional image with a quality that is far more real and detail .
The development of processor technology will continue to evolve for Tablet PCs and computers, the using of multimedia will be faster due to the development of processor technology. Each person will run applications that will be used and use it with ease. The development of processor technology will also improve the ability of the engine speed and visual ability of a product such as computers and tablet PCs and smartphones.
New products will offer many new ease and is very good for all employees to learn to use it, the technology will never stop and will continue to evolve. Technological developments will change the way enterprise organizations, this change will bring positive benefits for those who are ready to make the change, but this change will bring negative benefits for those who are not prepared to make changes.


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