Modern World = Digital World Time to Build a Strong Business By Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

27 Des

Modern World = Digital World
Time to Build a Strong Business
By Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

The modern world we live in today is a civilization built on the advances in technology that has evolved and is currently one of the results was the creation of the advancement of information technology has become a super modern digital world . The new world order is currently putting a country and the winner will be superior because economic development is supported by the development of technological innovation to build the industries that have global outreach .
Globalization sweeping across the world , both in the northern world ( developed countries ) and the southern world ( developing countries ) . Internet as a symbol of the digital world into a bridge which link to each other . The World is a 4 billion human beings when the network connected to the Internet to send e – mails , e – commerce transactions , see the video on You Tube , make contact communication through social net working .
Globalization is a huge opportunity for businesses because :
1 . Globalization creates a wider market
2 . Globalization provides a new understanding of the culture of each country .
3 . Globalization creates a wider market segment throughout the world .
4 . Globalization enrich us to study the behavior of consumers in each country .
5 . Globalization will create a stronger team work because we have to learn the culture more broadly .
All the heads of state and business people should be able to create added value in manufacturing industry , services, tourism , human resource visionary innovator , education , health insurance .
Globalization requires new ideas from around the world . Since the world is dynamic . When we started the business we think local but when the business has been running we have to think globally .
Infrastructure development , strong financial capital , human resources professionals is key to be able to compete in the world economy . Currently it is the state that represents the United States, China , South Korea , Japan , Taiwan , Germany . The success of a country that has a global branding is the right strategy . Innovation is done continuously is key. We have to think in the long run .
See branding that has endured more than fifty years as Coca Cola , IBM , Mercedes Benz , Unilever , Choco Channel , McDonald’s . Branding is a long history and has created a global strategy in the business world , how to maintain the market , product innovation and creating new market opportunities . The branding has long survive in the market and has become the choice of consumers .
But this time the competition will be intense clear . These new products will emerge in the market . Products previously unknown become known . These new products have been studying about the global market and is ready to compete by offering a new innovation that never thought of before . Globalization offers the same opportunity to anyone who is ready to become a winner in the world market .
But globalization needs to be addressed with critical thinking , the positive and negative benefits of globalization itself, in the business world we need to use SWOT analysis to determine strengths and our shortcomings . This is a must run . It is also a standard procedure for the advancement of business in the future . SWOT is used to determine our ability . Are we ready to compete ? Are we ready to create an innovation ? Innovation requires :
1 . Qualified human resources .
2 . Sources of capital .
3 . Modern infrastructure
4 . marketing capabilities


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