How Dell Build A Brand For The Customers Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

24 Des

How Dell Build A Brand For The Customers
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Michael Dell had a dream that the technology that is sold to consumers can be sold at an affordable price but the quality is the same as Bill Gates’s vision twenty years ago that said have a dream that everyone could use a personal computer in every home. The era of growing computer and technology development proceeded, first when people use a computer only for it to work and enter data, but when the computer is used for work and multimedia, processor speed, graphics card, screen brightness, power is standard main memory of a quality of the computer.
Dell spent $ 361 million in 2003 to build a consumer brand, the company is to sell flat-screen TVs, digital music devices and music services on line, Dell plans to become one of the world’s technology and manufacturing to build an efficient way to reduce operating costs. This is Dell’s culture, efficiency is a weapon, look at the market is a force, offering cheaper prices than the competition is a great sales as well to build brands to consumers.
Much of the analysis of the technology say Dell’s expansion strategy has always done carefully so as to take into account all the costs involved. Dell has entered the market of computer technology with a standard personal computer sold to the consumer, this is Dell’s expertise in implementing their strategies in discipline , speed and efficiency. The point is to get consumers at an affordable price. Quality of good stuff. Need to see the jelly how computer technology will evolve and how willing consumers are also easy to change. Dell continues to pay attention to the market and also supply products from the market at very competitive prices.
Dell is also preparing the research department to create quality products but at affordable prices, Dell created a Lexmark printer products at a price that is more affordable and doing the big competition with HP, Canon and Epson. In the business of building brands Dell storage engine along with EMC Corp. Dell managed to cut production costs by 25%, so that the products sold will be cheaper than its competitors and attract customers at an affordable price but quality.
Dell also gradually step into the server and data storage priced, even the CEO managed to meet its sales target of more than $ 60 billion. Why is Dell so quickly managed to build a consumer brand? He is a fan of business history in college, he learned a lot from the many great characters that have failed due to the slow action or be flexible in taking a decision, it can cause errors that create huge losses. Dell said that Ken Olsen of Digital Equipment Corp. as one of the last with the strategy that the market left. For Dell we need a vision but we also have to be realistic in view of the developments as a chance.
Dell has always tried to look at the market, calculate the necessary operational costs, whether the market will accept the product or reject the product, if the product refuses Dell did not hesitate to withdraw because it would create a huge loss and a burden to operational. This is a foresight in seeing the condition of the market and keep holding idealism in developing the technology. Dell managed to continue to develop both drove in a technology market that increasingly stringent because the space for innovation given without limit.


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