Economics Problem is hot Issue in the future Septo Indarto (team Double S)

17 Des

Economics Problem is hot Issue in the future
Septo Indarto (team Double S)

The globalization is friendly word that anytime we hear. The globalization is a capital market, but now globalization gets the critics from anti-globalization groups. They say that the globalization doesn’t make equality of economics in the world but the globalization makes new problems. We can see anti-globalization at the World Bank Meeting in Prague, Czech. So the big question is why the globalization cannot make the equality of economy market?
When the people sense of alienation it shows bad signing. They are just thinking about money to time to time and never care again about the social relationship. As many people know, free market based on Adam Smith’s book the title is The Wealth of Nations was begun the globalization in the free trade in the world. In the 1990’s, since the computer and internet are using by many people, the globalization is more faster to develop, the new economy that very popular today needs internet by good connecting for doing a business and a trade. But not all countries have it, only developed countries have it and what about developing countries? The answer is only some of countries has it? And equal of market is happening. The Developed Countries are richer and The Developing countries are poorer.
The globalization has touched off crisis, protests and demonstrations in finish with violent. Even we have learned that the market economy and new economy that integration by internet can di wonder but the reality not all true. The fringe group has protested it at the World Bank Meeting in Prague, Czech. The fringe group has realized in the long time of this mistake, now they want to get the justice in economy for all countries in the world for economy fair so that becomes the economic equality. So globalization will proceed and it is impossible to avoid but how smoothly and every country can takes a good opportunity to get success, this lesson. The most challenge in globalization of inequalities is health, education, human skill, internet access and fundamental prosperity, and competition of products.
About demonstration of anti-globalization, we can see there is surprise there are many the growing of Non-Government Organizations (NGO). This sign for there are a lot of reaction to against the concentration about power that the financial market’s mine and big cooperation’s mine. The people are supporting to NGOs it’s signing there are a lot of disenchantment to all institutions, such as government corporations, international organizations and media. The other of bad globalization are people’s sense of alienation and aggravated by the feeling of the future is coming too fast and too brutally.


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