Mindset of a Leader Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

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Mindset of a Leader
Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

You often ask what a good leader does that? Is he having a high position , has a great wealth and also have a business or company is more than one . Lots of people describe the leader of the rank and the number of assets owned , if both of these are met it means that an individual will be regarded as a leader , because of the position and the amount of wealth then everyone would be respectful to him . Being a leader is tough . He must have the vision and mission of how to create a great influence to achieve success , he must have the courage to take risks in the act , he should be able to see the future as a great opportunity to become a success . It requires a process of time that will make him be more powerful than the previous time . There is no leader who is born in a short time , or in other words the instant leader . Instant leader will simply destroy because they do not know what to do and often miscalculated in analyzing all the issues , give a wrong direction to subordinates , hesitate in taking the risk to act . They feel confident that the office is supported by a lot of money is the answer , it’s all the wrong mindset , it will even be fatal . Leaders will instantly appear in the wrong time and the wrong will act as well. Leaders need a lesson that is important for him to become a leader in the field of reality and also of training on leadership .
A leader should not be afraid to fail in the act , the failure to create an evaluation of what has been done , the mistakes made which result in failure is the human , the human is not often done wrong , but the thing is done quickly evaluate these errors and fix them immediately possible . That is correct the error as soon as possible is a good thing . The important thing for a leader is to influence self , because the effect is the key to leadership . If you have a strong effect then you can set your men to work and run according to the will of your organization . But you still have to give space to your people to talk to create communication , the ideas that come from men is a subject that should be discussed , and then consider whether it is suitable ideas are executed or not .
How to learn to be a leader ? It is a question often asked by each person . Being a leader is how you can become a good leader for yourself first before you are able to manage other people . You must be sure that you are able to become a leader and learn to overcome the difficulties that you face . It concerns the quality of your current self and the future . You can learn from the great leaders themselves how they managed to be a good leader for everyone . Being a good leader to all people is not an easy task to do , it takes courage to act positively means you take action to do for many people , so that your actions are not in vain .
The essence being a leader is how you can serve the people around you well and give positive influence to your environment and you can improve the quality of your self and qualities of your subordinates . People will follow you because they have seen the qualities in yourself and your ability to work and act positive benefits for your environment . But no one should keep in mind that leadership is a learning process that never stops and will continue to evolve . What about yourself ? The important thing is we should not feel bored to always learn to become a leader .


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