Telsa Model S Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

30 Nov

Telsa Model S
Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

Telsa has become a conversation , because Telsa is an automotive branding to create a car with electric power . Telsa is an American car company that wants to develop environmentally friendly cars but has great power as electric-fueled cars . Telsa continue to innovate without limits and have never known the word stop to develop new technologies in the automotive new standards today and in the future . Telsa is a company that wants to develop a supercar , the company continues to design a supercar that uses an electric fuel . Telsa want to develop automotive technology with the development of new technologies and offering digital technology to facilitate the use of car supercar .
Currently Telsa introduce Telsa Model S , this car continues to be refined and sell to the market , because the electric fueled cars will be the trend of late become a new standard in automotive technology , environmentally friendly cars will be more and more needed by people and it indicates that the driver of the car been conscious about environmental sustainability . Therefore, the development of research to create new technologies should not be stopped should continue to be developed over time . Research does require substantial funds to realize the idea , but it is a long term investment . We need to educate consumers about the environmental caring one of which is to develop cars fueled electricity needed by consumers .
Telsa will also sell car out America to expand the market , one of the destination country is Japan . Japan is rated as one of the promising markets and have the potential to sell products Telsa because the sun country is also developing environmentally friendly cars . In Japan Telsa also open collaboration with Panasonic to produce two million units of the battery for the next four years . Panasonic is a technology innovator and many of Japan manufactures electronic items that have a high enough quality . Telsa Model S in Japan on sale at a price of USD 8,000 to USD 10,000 and technology to offer very luxurious . Digital Dashboard technology that has a touch screen with a size of 17 inches and a tool to control all functions of the car .
By 2015 , the company also develops Telsa electric charging theirs called Superchargers that it is available throughout the United States. Telsa is currently developing technology super- fast battery charging called Photovoltaics . It is the owner of innovation Telsa CEO Elon Musk who also founded PayPal and rocket maker SpaceX and spacecraft .


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