How to Sell Products Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )

20 Nov

How to Sell Products
Septo Indarto ( Team Double S )
When the competition gets tougher then it is done by the company is the strategy of how to sell the product . The company will design and implement the strategy for selling product . That is the thing to do to be able to continue to compete with its competitors . It is important to sell the product in accordance with the quality on offer , selling products is important . Advances in information technology will certainly help any company to achieve sales targets . But the best thing for the company to teach good integrity with honesty to the sales value to sell the company’s products to consumers . This will create a long-term trust and build a good loyalty . Sales are good is a man who is able to sell the products properly in accordance with the quality of the goods offered to consumers . Therefore education about product knowledge is an absolute must for the sales . If they are not able to sell in accordance with the target , then the company must revise marketing strategies are created . The strategy is to create a quality product in accordance with the wishes of the market , providing the required knowledge to the sales , teaching the values of honesty to the sales .
Do not ever think that the current gullible consumer , the consumer is now very easy to search and find enough information about the products that will be bought , and find product comparisons . Sales must have good character , able to sell the product without manipulation. Quality of the products offered must be good because it will be the key marketing success . Sales of products are also determined by the quality of product and service sales in the long term . It deals with the long -term confidence .
Stephen Covey said that to win the trust there are two keys to understand the competencies and character . Competence is related to the skills and knowledge possessed by someone . The character is a way of thinking and behaving that become the hallmark trait for each individual to live and work together .
Therefore the value of honesty is very important because it will increase the sales target in the long term . Good sales are sales that are able to sell these products well with information regarding the product and the quality of products offered to consumers . We are currently dealing with a smart consumer . Consumers who know enough about the good product quality and poor product quality .
A sales should have good communication skills and use simple language that can be understood by consumers , able to present the product to be sold without a long-winded ( a long time ) , is able to convince consumers why they should have the product without forcing . They learn about customer needs and offers products to customers about the advantages and benefits of using their products to customers due to quality of the products offered is excellent .
Joe Girard honest salesperson is able to sell as many as 13,001 cars during the year 1963-1973 . He is an exceptional sales , he sold products with honesty , he dared to tell the truth about the products he offered and he never lied to consumers , so that consumers are very loyal to the products that he offers to consumers . Giving done had honesty is a positive thing for sales and also consumer , it will also have a positive impact for companies in the business long term . Therefore honesty is the main thing because it will give you a good confidence by a sales to consumers and it would be a good value for a sales career and also the company’s long -term business . We sell products not just for today and tomorrow , but we sell products for five and ten years. Create targets to be achieved by selling products with responsibility and honesty . Responsibility means we deliver the best to consumers and honesty we provide honest information about the quality and usefulness of the products we offer to the consumer .


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