The World Needs More Entrepreneurs Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

26 Apr

The World Needs More Entrepreneurs
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

World economic crisis which lead to a decline in international trade activities cause thousands of people worldwide to lose jobs. Currently the average quality for a decent life diminishing and this happens all over the world. The world needs more entrepreneurs to create jobs. Self-employed is the best job at this time, when the world is recovering from economic crisis. The people who have the spirit to become an entrepreneur are those brave souls who have failed to be ready for success. Need to have a systematic mindset and the ability to act quickly and not acting slow with a lot of consideration. The business world is a competitive world everyone is plunging into the world of business should be durable and ready to be people fail to achieve success in the future.
Seeing the opportunity as a chance is the right thing. A budding entrepreneur should look at a business opportunity such as what to run. For example, in his/her place there is a new campus was built, he/she has a chance what is needed by the students and staff of the university. The budding entrepreneur could set up a rice shop or place a copy of which is required by the students as well as university staff who work at the university. Over time the business that had been established on a small scale will be developed into a large scale. The most important thing is diligent, hard working, always ready to take the plunge and innovation in the development of business plans for the future.
Required a heightened awareness in the education system, that being an entrepreneur is an honor, because by being an entrepreneur we have provided employment to many people and will contribute positively to the development of the State. Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual calling to become an independent person present and the future. We need a sustainable process step by step to become a qualified private entrepreneur.
Question what if does not have capital but has the determination to be a budding entrepreneur? The answer is that we can join the business as a insurance agent, real estate agent, or helping people to market their products. What is needed is knowledge about the products that will be sold to consumers. As well as the advantages and disadvantages of these products.
Being a businessman is the right thing for everyone to be able to live independently, have a long-term plan and the desire to continue learning without stopping. So our brains will continue to work and it will create a lot of new ideas that will take us to the next level of success.
Entrepreneurs need to know what kind of business to be run, and he had a capital to fund operations for the supply of places, promotional products, hire employees. It requires precision and patience sustained.
The business world is a world of choice for everyone, but the business world is a very dynamic world. We learn not only about business per se, but we learned how to lead ourselves to look at the current state and the future. We need many connections as colleagues and will expand our network, so that will make us look at life in a much richer perspective, meet lots of people with lots of character, able to accept constructive criticism to ourselves. So the quality will improve ourselves from time to time.


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