Indonesia Automotive Market Will Continue High in Demand Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

25 Apr

Indonesia Automotive Market Will Continue High in Demand
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)
Indonesia will be one of South East Asia’s largest markets, in addition to Thailand. Automotive market from year to year will get better and grow. New products with a futuristic models and new technology launched into the market. This will create a wheel that will move the wheels of industry economy.
Frost & Sullivan research institutes predict that the Indonesian automotive industry will grow by 7.5 per cent to 1.2 million units.
The factories will continue to increase production capacity to meet market demand continues to increase from year to year. But on the other hand infrastructure construction of roads to be repaired and reproduced.
Toyota managed to sell 34,890 units in February 2013; Mitsubishi sold 13,718 units in February 2013. Honda in January 2013 to sell 5,746 units. The market will continue to move, the new players will continue to emerge. Vendors Japanese and South Korean vendors will compete strictly.
Vendor of the actual American incumbents, namely Ford Motor will begin to look seriously and sell their products in Indonesia. Ford unveiled the Ford Focus which is very well known abroad. Ford Focus is designed with a very macho and sporty impression. Display this sedan looks eye catching, more modern, aerodynamic and flexible. Having excellent features that Active City Stop the safety features that can help reduce the risk of collision with another car at low speed is 30 KM / HOUR.
Ford boldly launched the technology to compete against competitors and will strengthen the company’s branding as a company that never stops innovating technology to meet market demand. SUV or MPV cars rarely offer such features. It will be a mainstay of Ford’s technology and also to reduce traffic accidents is very high, generally is often the case in big cities in Indonesia. Other advantage is that the Ford Focus is a design that looks very modern and futuristic, fuel-efficient, highly responsive performance, prioritizing the safety of riders, care for the environment, thereby reducing environmental pollution.
Toyota Motor will also continue to maintain their market dominance. Their products are new with new designs to lure consumers in Indonesia. Toyota also Toyota Corolla Altis as an icon which looks very sporty and has a younger market segment. Toyota Altis uses new technology that is Super CVT-I transmission system, Altis is aimed at improving fuel efficiency and enhanced ride comfort on the road.
The market will continue to grow and offer more choice to consumers. Consumers will be given a lot of options by the market. How to increase Automotive Vendor will continue their research capabilities and also create new technological innovations in developing their products for current and future. Besides the ability Creative Marketing will continue to attract customers to buy their products.


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